The Lang-Hastings Trail is a greenway trail and its uses are restricted to five core activities: hiking/jogging, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.  This public trail is open year round and is co-managed with the Rice Lake Snow Drifters Snowmobile Club.

Vision for the Trail
As part of the Trans Canada Trail, the longest trail build in Canada, the ‘Lang-Hastings Trail’ will be sought out by many, and admired by local communities as a unique and healthy lifestyle choice and natural heritage wonder to take pride in.

Mandate of the Peterborough-Hastings Trans Canada Trail Association
The Peterborough-Hastings Trans Canada Trail Association is an incorporated, non-profit organization dedicated to the operation, maintenance and promotion of the ‘Lang-Hastings Trail,’ a 33 kilometer trail developed on the abandoned Canadian National Railway rail bed between Peterborough, Ontario and the Trent River at Hastings, Ontario. The property on which the trail has been developed is leased by the Association from the Province of Ontario and The Cowan Family Foundation.






Nexicom’s legacy is rooted in its local community involvement and dedication to helping people.  

Supporting the Lang Hastings Trail serves the importance of sustaining the enriched health and culture of Peterborough County.